Friday, 4 July 2008

Tri-Fold Card Tutorial

I’ve had so many nice comments about my tri-fold card, that I’ve decided to do a little tutorial on how to make one, without having to buy or download a template, so here goes.

Start with a piece of A4 cardstock.
I have an envelope folder and board which has a groove at approx. 9.25 cm. Score across at this point, and then fold the card, and score another with the folded edge against the edge of the board (pic 1).

This will give you a card with two score lines at regular intervals. Fold the card as shown in pic 2.

You will then have a slight edge overlapping on the last piece – trim this off with a guillotine to make it fold neatly onto itself.

Next, I used my Creative Memories circle to cut from edge to score line on the first third, approx. 5.5” down from the top edge, do the same in the middle section approx. 3” down, from scoreline to scoreline, and then 1” down from score line to last edge on the last piece, as in pic 3. I guess a CD would make a nice curve, too, or anything round really!

Then using a ruler, cut down from the top edge to meet your semi-circle cuts (pic 4). Once you have done this on both vertical score lines, re-fold your card to have a tri-fold (pic 5).

Hope this makes sense!!! Let me know if you have any queries,


Anne Marie Peterson said...

Hi Jenny!
Your tutorial is fabulous. I'm gonna try your card tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Anne Marie