Tuesday, 20 January 2009

mounted grab bag!

here's a pic of a grab bag of 100 unmounted stamps that I bought from hampton on ebay, and I decided to mount them all on wood ...
(it took me ages!)
and here's a pic of my new nestie storage solution (which I'm really pleased with!!!)... they are basically magnetic knife holders that I bought from Range for £4.99 each. It's SO easy to see exactly which one I need, and I'm not tempted to leave them lying around to get lost - the best £10 I've spent in ages!

and here are some more pics of my craft room that I thought I'd share with you, including a fantastic cupboard that my hubby found and bought home for me - with two sliding drawers that I have all my paper and cardstock filed in (in colours)!! and more shelves for other stuff - as you can see!!

oh, and this is where we live!!


Tonniece said...

That does look like you made a killing here. Sheesh, you are mounting them? I have been unmounting all of mine. lol
Great hubby getting you that cupboard for you, it's fantastic.

Donna said...

Oh my goodness, look at all those stamps! It must have taken you ages doing all that, you are very patient, I think I would have give up after about 5 lol. Love your nesties board and love all your lovely nesties too and your house! wow a little thatched cottate, perfect, you lucky lady. Donna x

hayward69 said...

What a lovely house you live in and the view is breathtaking. I love to visit Devon for my holidays as well as Cornwall (must be something in my blood as I used to visit Devon as a child with my parents). My nan also lives in Tiverton.

It must be nice to be able to spread yourself out with your crafting I'm still stuck in my bedroom to make my cards etc!

Jayne xx

Heather said...

wow look at all that room you have!! And lots of lovely stash to play with :) Great idea with the nesties!

acreativeneed said...

Ohmygosh, Jenny, what a fab storage idea for the nesties! I have got to find something like this. TFS!

Lorraine A said...

Its lovely to have a snoop around someone else's craft room :-) You've got a fab set up there, might take photo's of mine later ,,,, have to tidy it up a bit 1st !!!
Lovely house too, gorgeous :-)

Will pop the ACT in the post today or tomorrow

Cardmaking Galore said...

what a lovely area you live in. I just love the countryside - pity we don't have that much, however we have the Medit. sea here and I wouldn't live without it