Saturday, 31 May 2008

I've been tagged! Twice!!!

OK, I've now been tagged twice, so had better do it now!!! Once by Vicky and again by Heather!!!

I have to answer the same 5 questions that she had to answer and then tag 3 people myself, right? So here goes...
1. Ten years ago... I was young, free and single, enjoying life, changed my ZZR250 to a CBR600, and had lots of fun riding around being reckless!!!
2. 5 things in today's to do list... finish cutting the grass - I've done half, just the other half to do!!! (It started raining). Re-build Isaac's train set that I spent ages making, only for him to pull apart and now nag me to rebuild. Make tea. Put the kids to bed. Wait for hubby to get home, and then sit and watch mindless tv with a drink!!
3. Snacks I enjoy... Kettle chips, veg crisps, marmite on toast, star bars, parma violets!!! To name but a few!
4. Things I would do if I were a millionaire... umm, buy my friend Emma a little house of her own, get my parents that car they are after, go on holiday, too many things to write!!
5. Places I have lived... Bromley, Kent, Crediton, Devon, Exeter & Exmouth.
So now I have to tag 3 people, who are: ummm, (sorry if you've been tagged before), Deena (Necessary Creativity), Jacquie (After Hours Stamper) and Kes (Keskards Kreations).


Jacquie said...

wow! I have never been tagged before....guess I was a tag virgin : ) Ok, am off to post and tag before I go to the stamp show today...ohhhhh the things I want to buy..... : )

kes said...

Thankyou for tagging me. Hugs Kes x

Anonymous said...

Tag I'm it? O.k I'll play! :) It was Fun to read your answers!
smiles, Deena