Friday, 20 March 2009

Guillotine/Cutter Dilemma - Candy up for grabs!

I have a dilemma - I have a trusty old guilotine/rotary cutter that I love, and use all the time. However, it's getting tired, and is VERY squeaky, so I thought I'd treat myself to a new one, seeing as it's crimbo!!
So, I went out and bought myself a sparkly new Purple Cows 2 in 1 trimmer, got it home, and then found that it fills half my workspace. I can't get an accurate cut with it, and while in the middle of making a card, decided to go back to my trusty old squeaky cutter.

So the Purple cows one is going to go back to the shop, but I want some help - what do you guys all use? What would you recommend? I'm going to give some candy (brads, stickers, chipboard, papers etc, see pic) to the person who leaves the most helpful comment!!! Please spread the word - I want as much help as I can get! (Please link this on your blog so more people can help me out too!)


Heather said...

hey jenny, hope u had a good crimbo! I just use a regular rotary cutter i got at my local office supply store. It just fits a 12" piece of paper through the cutter but its not the same width. I do have a scorpal though (got at a show) and so i mark off all the cutting i want to do with that and then just line it up in the cutter. Just had a quick look at its a Dahle 507 personal cutter! Its marked off with cm's and also A4/5/6 and various other boxes but i don't really use them! Hope this helps

My name is Wynneth said...


I love my X-cut gillotine, although it won't take an A4 sheet or 12 x 12. I have tried other rotary cutters but I have gone back to my 'old faithful' and use a score board and/or ruler and pencil to mark the sizes I need to cut.

Happy New Year


Unknown said...

Hi there! I use a Portable Rotary Trimmer, I found it very useful :)

Tasha said...

Hey there thanks for your joke it was a good one...cant believe a five year old pulled that one out of the bag!
Im like you on the paper cutter front i had a fab one but it broke from 3 years of daily useage and now i cannot find one that suits, so when you get a good one can you let me know please.
Love Tasha xx

cats whiskers said...

Hi Jen, I have a Purple Cow cutter, but it was so big it is now in the bottom of the wardrobe, am have trouble finding a decent cutter I have a Cricut cutter that is slim but long and takes 12"x12", I am quite happy with that but the blades dosn't last too long.
Hope that helps dear. Have a great 2009
Hugs Jacqui x

Bridgett Owens said...

I would love to see the answers to this question because I have yet to find a trimmer that I love. I like my large guillotine trimmer made by Fiskars and it's pretty reliable but sometimes is off. I hope you find what you are looking for and HAPPY NEW YEAR if I don't pop in before then! I will link your blog candy tomorrow.

Jayne Hayward said...

Hi I recently invested in a Crafting Companion Ultimate Pro set which is absolutely fantastic as everything you need including the paper cutter folds away all into one and I find doesn't up alot of space either considering all what it does. This what I recomment.

Jayne xx

Lorraine A said...

Hi , I have a carl rotary trimmer and I think its fab. Its easy to change blades and has lots of lines on to make it easy to get the exact size. I love it and wouldn't be without it.
Hope this helps !!!

Lorraine A said...

oh I forgot to say , I have linked you on my Blog Candy List

good luck n hope you find the 'right' cutter for you

Donna said...

Hi Jenny, hope you had a lovely Christmas. I'm so glad you started this discussion lol, I have gone through so many trimmers trying to find the perfect one and always go back to my simple x cut paper trimmer, I have had it for about 6 years now and although I have other one's the x cut does everything i want, its small, light and cuts straight lol. The only thing is that I go through quite a few blades and have to order them from the net but they are cheap enough and come in a pack of 2 with a score blade too. Will add you too my blog now, will be interested in seeing what cutter is the most popular. Take care Donna x

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jenny! I have been using my Fiskars rotary cutter for years, and I love it. I can replace the circle blade and cutting strip, but have only done so once in the several years that I've had it. Fiskars makes several size cutting tools, mine fits 12"x12"paper. Hope you find something you're happy with!

Anonymous said...

I love my Carl Cutters. I have a couple of different sizes. The circle blade makes nice smooth cuts. And the largest one I cut several pieces of paper when I am prepping for classes. Good luck on your search for a new one. rita w

Heather "Hev" said...

Happy New Year :)

If you pop over to my blog I have something special for you ok :)

Honour Roll

Hugs Heather

Sammacco said...

I have Fiskars rotary cutter and I can´t live without it!

Kevin said...

Ok, ready for the best advise? He he he.. See I think i know a thing or two about paper cutters. and I guess I should considering I've went through at least 10 different ones before finding the Man..uh i mean paper cutter of my dreams! It is the MM magnetic paper trimmer. You say you dont want yours to take up a lot of space. This folds in half. So it can be big or small. Also, its heavy duty which is what you want. The rotary blade is what everyone needs. This one is self sharpening. I also have enjoyed the Carl line...liked that rotary blade and it cut straight.. But it was a pain to replace the pads it cut on and the blade all the time. I also love the MM one because it comes with a magnet ruler that can hold your paper in the perfect spot while you cut so the paper doesnt slip. How cool is that?

Kevin said...

ps the above post is wrote by Kevins WIFE! he sure does sound like a girly kevin though. swwooches and kisses to him for putting up with me blogging under his name!

Toni said...

I had the same dilema as you a while back and Ive got to advise the carl rotary trimmer of the edgemaster rotary trimmer these can use the same blades and are interchangable for parts I can t be without min Ive tryed guillotines and trimmers from allover the place and I have to come back to this one every time
If your ever in dire need though and you need to use a ruler then you have to go for a see through one like the tim holtz ruler its fabulous and easier to carry sometimes with your craft stuff when mobile Hope you find a cutter you can work with Hugs Toni x

groneng said...

I too have been "on the quest"! I have at least a dozen cutters--fiskars, carl, dahle, martha stewart, making memories.. BUT my very favorite is my Rotatrim! Not little or inexpensive BUT perfect!!!

Mrs Mayne said...

I love my xcut guillotine and it goes with me wherever I go (crafting, odviously not to tescos lol!!) I have both sizes and use the smaller one all the time for cardmaking. I use the bigger one less frequently when working with the larger papers (takes 12x12!) I would definately reccomend! x
P.S. Thanks for SU tags info!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that no one out bids me at the last minute lol!

Dawn said...

Hi Jenny

Well i use a Rotatrim Edgemaster 300 and couldn't live without it!
It comes with 10 differnet blades and a scoring blade which are all clipped underneath - I love it!!
Hope you find one you like.


Crafting Queen said...

I have several and find the Dahale rolling cutters are great (I have two)but the blades are a bit expensive to replace. I also have the purple cow and find the guillotine to work well. Got the X-cut guillotine recently and find it more sturdy thank the Purple cow.
I do find the guillotines do make a more accurate cut and if you have not tried them before it might be worth a try.
Hope you find the one that's perfect for you.

Annie said...

I have 3 rotary cutters and non of them cuts square! could be because I keep knocking them on the floor though. I keep a small guiloteen on the desk which is much better for trimming but too small for A4 longways. I've been using it for over 2 years and apart from wiping the blade when it's got sticky 'cause I've cut through sticky tape, I've not had to do anything to it. hugs, annie x

Kristen said...

I just have a small cutter I use at my desk. I have a big rotary cutter that I use if I need to make a batch of cards or something and I can cut them all at the same time. Then I just stick back under my desk when I'm not using it.

Katarina said...

Hi Jenny
Hope I can help. I use a guilliotine cutter. I actually have two - one big and one small. I find that the rotary one gets stuck and drags the paper along so it doesn't get even. The people I've talked to don't like the guilliotine, but I didn't listen to them and got one anyway and I'm glad I did!

I have one big guilliotine standing on a chest of drawers (where I keep my stamps). That cutter can take 12x12" papers. I use that for cutting cards and bigger pieces of paper from a 12x12" paper.

Then I have a small guilliotine on my desk for cutting all of those small things, like matting-squares for images etc. That one is maybe 10x6". I also keep it in a shoeboxlid that is a bit bigger than the cutter, so all the litte scraps fall into the lid and when it gets full I can take out the bigger scraps and toss the small papercuts.

Hope you understand how I mean and that it helps. It works really great for me because I don't have to run up and down to the big cutter, but I also don't have to occupy my whole desk with it.


Jackie said...

Hi Jenny

I have a Carl rotary trimmer for bigger pieces but use an X-Cut guillotine for small cuts and I love it. It's the smaller one they do and it's so handy to have on the desk all the time.

By the way, you asked what he dots were on my card for Penny Black Saturday Challenge, they are card candy available from Craftwork Cards.


Beth said...

Hi, I'm not sure this will help but I tend to use a craft knife, steel ruler and a grided craft mat and I find this works best for me! Good luck! xx

R said...

Okay, can i make a "don't get" suggestion? I really don't like my martha stewart slice cutter thing (yes, did you like my perfect wording on that? sorry i don't remember what its called).
It always getting stuck and ripping my DSP! I tried switching to a new blade, and that doesnt help (arg). Good luck in your hunt.

Sparklemint - Lisa said...

I'm sorry your Purple Cow didn't work for you. I've had mine for a few months and it works great! I wonder if you just got a dud ??? I have to say I do unhook the rotary part, since I don't use it very often, and just keep the guillotine part near the desk. I went through 3 big fiskars rotary cutters and not one had a straight measuring edge. Drove me insane. Maybe using only half of it would solve the space issue, if the store would exchange it for one that cuts accurately :)

Suzanne said...

I think the fiskars one is best.
Suzanne x

Tabitha said...

I have two cutters, I use the guillotine one from SU! It is self sharpening so no need to worry about replacements blades. It doesn't take up tons of room on my desk!

I also have the new fiskars premium craft cutter. Let me just say I LOVE this. It has a six inch base so I don't have to worry about finding the five and half mark for cards! It locks the paper in place and it has a real smooth base. I just love, love, love it.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

I have several cutters. I have the ones that slide, rotary and the guillotines. I love the guillotines because I don't have to worry about getting an uneven cut. I use the fiskars brand and am afraid to go to any other kind. I liked my rotary but the bolt broke and it is rather large and heavy.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jenny! I reccomend the Crafting Companion Ultimate Pro set which is absolutely fab as everything you need including the paper cutter folds away all into one and I find doesn't up alot of space either ! does so many things!

carly xx

Suzy said...

I have no idea. I use also one combo machine and it take so much space. So i put it on the seat when i dont use it. I am thinking to buy something very litle to have always on the table. Maybe Fiskars cutter.

Christine said...

I no longer use a paper trimmer. I got a We R Memory Keepers magnetic cutting mat. It came with a rotary cutter, craft knife, circle, I don't know what else. I haven't used any of my four cutters since!!!

Cher said...

Hi..u pose a great question and we all love learning here ...I have no less than 4 cutters myself, but my current fav is my fiskars...I think it stays sharp a long time and ez to replace when its time. I luv my carl brand I just might have to look into the MM one Kevin typed about..after 10 he should knowLOLOLOL...ty for the chance to win something...Cher

Swedie said...

I have a Tonic Guillotine paper cutter. It comes in 8 1/2 inch and 12 inch. I have the 12 inch one and I LOVE it!! It does a great job cutting paper. It is not supposed to cut your finger if you should get it in the way. I can't say because I have not tried to cut my finger! :0) The blade is supposed to be self-sharpening so you never need to buy another.


Donna said...

Hi Jenny, like Kevin's wife said about the MM cutter she has, Hobbycraft also sell a 12x12 guillotine for around £15 that is fabulous. It's made of steel so it's heavier but it comes with a handle, and it has a magnetic ruler to hold your card in place. I just store mine under the bed when not in use. I use a smaller x-cut guillotine for cutting smaller bits, and that sits on my desk. Hope this helps.
Am posting about your dilemma on my sidebar.

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

On eof the first purchases I made was just a basic Provocraft cutter/scorer. It fits my corner desk just right, and so far so good! I'm sure I don't make as many cards as you do, so maybe it won't hold up in the long run as it's just plastic.

Olga said...

I have Tonic Studios - 12 inch V Blade Trimmer
(Look at the picture it’s not that big )
(This trimmer features an easy press down lever that lifts the blade and ruler off the base so placing paper is hassle free. It also has a swing out ruler for use with 12x12 papers and comes with one cutting blade and one scoring blade. Cuts up to 3 sheets of paper at one time! )
When I found the Tonic trimmer, one of my friends said it was the best trimmer she had ever used and that it cuts clean, straight lines everytime! So, I decided to purchase this trimmer and I absolutely love it! It's easy to use and it never gives me the frayed edges that some of my old trimmers would.
This trimmer actually cuts my paper straight, unlike the last trimmer that I had. I also like that it came with a scoring blade, however, I wish it had come with more cutting blade replacements as it only came with one. At the bottom of this trimmer, there is that little bit cut out so there is a little thumb flip thing that makes it so easy to lift and put down the trimmer part so your paper is still lined up straight.
The blades hold up well, even through chipboard. The guides are true-to-length, and the cut is exactly 90 degrees from the edge that you butt up against the top. The blades are easy to change out, without the housing feeling flimsy.
For me, this is light, portable, and does a great job.

If you need MINI cutter I can recommend Cutterpede Mini Straight Edge Trimmer (
One of my friends own it and I used it several times just to try.
This trimmer is ideal for those smaller jobs that don't rate dragging out the full-size trimmer. Light-weight, easy to use, durable; my ONLY doubt is that it's difficult to store, since the blade cartridge sticks out farther than the rest of the tool (to be fair, I can't really imagine how one would remedy this, unless there was some way to develop a flat blade...?). Even better, it works with all the decorative blades used on the larger Cutterpede.

Ther is also the thing called We R Memory Keepers Magnetic Anywhere Twist Trimmer
But I’ve never used it (even didn’t saw) so I can’t recommend it but looks like the kind you need. here you can see video about how does it works.

Good luck!

Nikki said...

Hi Jenny,

I only use a exacto blade and drafting tools .. t-square and right angle square and my trusty pencil and ruler ... doesn't take up alot of space, just need to find a nice large cutting board and any size paper fits :)I've tought about getting something that would make the job easier but until the budget allows it I'll use what I have :)
Great Blog Candy too
Will add you in my blog later this evening :)

Caryl P said...

Wow, there are many more cutting tools out in the world than I realized. I love my fiskars paper cutter--blades are inexpensive and can be changed easily. They also have scoring cartridges which is handy. It's light, portable and not too big.
In addition to that I use my small creative memories guillotine type cutter for anything under 4".
Good luck in your search!

Lorraine A said...

have just read through the comments and think I would be more confused than before ha ha !! obviously everyone has their own fave, maybe they re all good :-)
good luck !!