Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Just Because I fancied it!!!

I've never before quite understood why people did ATC's - but now I GET IT!!!
and i'm hooked!! just thought i'd make a set of 3, because I wanted to!!! I might even send them to some people, just because!


Chrissy said...

These are adorable! I really never understood ATC neither. Maybe I'll have to make one and see.

Mam Goudig said...

Très jolie carte

southern fairy said...

ah see now u've got the bug, next thing u know u'll be doing 9-4-9s like the one on my blog then u'll start fat pages too muwhahaha!

southern fairy said...

a fat page is a 4" square of card that u decorate but u left 1/2" on the left hand side blank as eventually when u have swapped enough of them u bind them to make a little book ;)

Andrea, said...

Fabulous ATCs, love the animals