Sunday, 7 September 2008

We've been baking!!!

We've been busy this morning - busy making a cake for Grandad! I was going to make just a round one, but then decided on doing something different! Inspired by a visit to a well-known supermarket a couple of months ago, when the kids spotted an armchair cake, but I wasn't prepared to fork out the price!!!

If you want to see a couple more pics of the cake in the making, or should I say baking!!, keep looking down!!!

It started life as an oblong, then cut in half, and one half had a slither cut off the edge, which was then cut in two to make the arms.

Now covered in butter icing. I was going to use a fondant, but didn't have all the ingredients. Never mind!

The kids made "Grandad" and his remote, and tv (what does that say about my parents!!!??)

Enjoy - we definitely will!!
Now I'm off to make some Borscht with some beetroot from the garden!


Tonniece said...

How cute and so very inventive.

acreativeneed said...

Jenny what a great cake!! Love it! I few years ago I made a train with connecting cars for my husband! Mostly because the kids wanted to, but we both know who really does the work right?!

Kim said...

Oh wow wow wow - what a great job :) Kimx

Heather said...

ooooh yum i just want to drag my finger along that sofa and lick it! hehehe

Donna said...

How clever are you? This is great and i'm sure it tasted a lot nicer than the supermarket one. Donna x

Tabitha said...

I love making odd shaped cakes. Yours is WONDERFUL.

I love the man on the couch just cracks me up!

kes said...

loving the cake, hope this is not the last we see of the baking talents. I have been really busy lately (no excuse) but if I haven't said it before thankyou so so much for my prize on SBS18 I do hope I have said thankyou before I am not rude usually

Tiny Funky Fairys and Elves said...

Fab cake!! I bet Grandad loves it!! :0)

Just to let you know...Bryony and Isaac won last fortnight's Tiny Funky Fairy Challenge...woohooo...many congratulations ^.^

If you nip across, you will find the details of where to claim...and also the new challenge :0)

Lainy's Little Blog said...

Looks like you had fun Jenny. Bet it will taste yummy, he'll really enjoy it and make his birthday all the more special.